Raising the dead and returning life – what can we learn from the Qing?

Before becoming a writer, I studied Chinese Medicine and this post is inspired by issues common to health practitioners and healers. It’s also a review of a book called Raising the Dead and Returning Life – Emergency Medicine of the Qing Dynasty by Bao Xiang’ao. read more

Things don’t happen for a reason – the distinction between earth and spiritual life

In this article Naja Li presents a crucial distinction between earth and spiritual life. She discusses why ‘Things don’t happen for a reason’ and considers a historical framework for understanding the Li tradition. read more

What do you mean you ‘hear’ things? Giving voice to an ancient tradition

Yes, I find it challenging it too. I am not actually supposed to be doing this at all – I am supposed to be a successful acupuncturist with a busy Melbourne city practice. Twelve months ago I had a lease on a clinic, a business plan and I was all ready to go. What happened? read more

Feng shui is not a science – it’s a way to bring joy to your home

Who you gonna call? I’m guessing not Ghostbusters. In fact you probably won’t call at all – you’ll google it and the answer will be a scientific one. This article is about the mistake of thinking that everything can be explained by science. Of course I’m glad that the people who build bridges and electronic networks practice good science. But this post isn’t about them, rather issues in health and healing. And specifically feng shui and flower essences. read more

Clutter doesn’t matter

I too like the feeling when the tidy up is done, but don’t confuse this with Feng Shui. The reason clutter doesn’t matter is because Feng Shui begins in the heart. For the message of Feng Shui is that what is joyous in your heart manifests in your home. This is the real Feng Shui and it is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if your cat pees on the rug or your toddlers like to draw – on walls. If you can hold within your heart the possibility of living as one in infinite love then your life will be transformed. read more

Interview with Siôn Hughes

I think this may have been Siôn Hughes’ first interview, which is good because it was my first one too. It went pretty well, I think, but mostly because interviewing someone who is intelligent, articulate and obviously good at what they do is not exactly hard work. read more

Feng Shui Insider’s Secrets

In 2015 I moved with my three children into a tiny inner city apartment. It’s so small my kids think the living areas in the IKEA showroom are huge. Nearly a year later I am still getting rid of stuff I don’t have room for in my life. But it works. Part of the reason for it working is the intention I bring to the space, but mostly it works because I know the Feng Shui Insider’s Secrets. read more

My Top Four Feng Shui Tips

These are my top four tips for getting started with Feng Shui today. There is a mountain of theory behind each one of these and, if you like the long read you will enjoy the book I’m writing! read more

Introduction to Feng Shui – steps toward living a more peaceful life

In this introduction to Feng Shui, Naja Li explains the steps toward living a more peaceful life. Discover why your home is an extension of yourself and what this means for the way you live. Learn how your heart is the key to Feng Shui and how Feng Shui is a tool for everyone. read more