Welcome to House of Li

Welcome to House of Li - how fortunate that your path has brought you here! I am Naja Li and I write about the love that exists beyond time. 

Using a form of knowing made popular by Neale Donald Walsch, my insight stands outside all religious and philosophical traditions. My anchor within the world of esoteric knowing is an ancient Feng Shui tradition that I call Li. 

At the heart of my series of books is insight into the love that exists beyond time, from which we come and to which we must return. According to Li Feng Shui there are three gateways to this love: death, the peace within nature and the guidance of our ancestors. The purpose of this series is to bear witness to how we may encounter this love and those gateways.

the books

The first two books have Feng Shui as a major theme. The third book in the series is completely different because, although it extends the key understandings of the first two books, it comes from a different source. And whilst the title of the fourth book - Naja Li's Guide to Dying - might seem to take the reader in another direction, in fact this book reinforces the message of all the books that precede it.

As my intention is to faithfully communicate how I experience the world, I wish above all to communicate to my readers that we all are one.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,



So do you actually Talk to Trees? 

So do you actually Talk to Trees? 

The title of my book is Talking to Trees but what does this mean? Do I actually talk to them? Hell no, that would be insane! But possibly you will consider the following explanation far worse. For although I don’t actually talk to trees, I do use their presence...

Your Incense and Space Clearing Questions Answered

Your Incense and Space Clearing Questions Answered

1. Why did you publish the incense recipes? Yes, these incense blends are the intellectual property of the Li tradition – and so are the reasons for their composition – but I published them so that you can use this knowledge to your advantage. I had...