Notes on Lee Mingwei

Notes on Lee Mingwei

And then I was given a flower. In the moment of receiving the flower I wondered what circle of action had been completed and which one was beginning. And whilst still wondering, I watched the architect of the gift, Lee Mingwei – a true master, speak of its possibilities.

I did not hear his words, only felt his presence. He spoke of kindness, of intimacy, of sharing and he revealed within himself a space for people like me to take comfort and feel at peace.

And it was in that moment that I knew what circle had begun. It is one for which I had been waiting patiently: the time to start writing.

So with profound thanks to an unexpected teacher, I introduce myself. I am Naja Li and I invite you to join me in my understanding of the ancestral forces that create our world, and the power of Li feng shui.

Lee Mingwei: The Moving Garden Interactive Installation 15 Oct. 2016 – 29 Jan. 2017 at National Gallery of Victoria.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,