Steps to live a more peaceful life with House of Li Feng Shui

Introduction to Feng Shui – steps toward living a more peaceful life

In this introduction to Feng Shui, Naja Li explains the steps toward living a more peaceful life. Discover why your home is an extension of yourself and what this means for the way you live. Learn how your heart is the key to Feng Shui and how Feng Shui is a tool for everyone.

In Feng Shui we consider ways for our home to be in harmony with universal energy. Universal energy is present everywhere and it flows in a defined manner. Nature holds many example of the way we can view its flow – think of those places where patterns repeat in spirals and fractals. In order for your home to be in harmony with universal forces you must remove obstacles that block the free flow of energy in your home.

What is an obstacle?

An obstacle is anything that blocks the smooth flow of energy as it circulates in your home. One example of such obstacles is an object that represents a bad or long-defunct part of your life. Maybe you have something in your possession that meant something to you once, but has no meaning for you now?

However the chief obstacle is a reluctance to acknowledge that luck, fortune and even health are largely decided at the moment of birth. We must each acknowledge that we are born into a particular energetic pattern with far reaching consequences.

Please note that whilst the limits of health, wealth and fortune may be determined at birth, this does not imply that we should not strive to protect our health and to promote robust living. Nor should we assume a fatalistic attitude to life – things don’t happen for a reason.

The wheel

The second obstacle is not accepting that limitations occur because of previous action. Some people refer to the result of previous action as karma. For the purposes of this discussion, we will simply consider that all action brings about a result and that the result of that action may be good or bad. These actions, their results and the causes attaching to those results may be usefully be described as ‘the great wheel of life and death’. This wheel can be considered the sum of all worldly events. It is neither good nor bad, it just is.

The extent to which the results of previous actions are felt in everyday life depends on your ability to connect with the energy of Li. You should be aware that there are very few ways of softening the effects of previous action. Whilst it is possible for Qi Gong Masters to move the result of previous action to another lifetime, it is inadvisable to attempt to devise any sort of ritual to do this yourself. The whole point about the effects of previous action is that they must be accepted and lived through. True healing is only available to those who accept the consequence of previous action.

The movement of the stars

House of Li teaches that our lives are governed by the movement of the stars. Through a process not understood, the movements of the stars set the limits of our destiny. Destiny in this case relates to the best earth fortune our birth circumstance will allow and future rebirth. The key point in time that determines our destiny is the moment of birth.

However the purpose of Feng Shui is not just to align your home with universal energy, it is to bring about spiritual healing. The means by which we are guided to fulfil our destiny is the ancestral path of Li. For our destiny – the best earth fortune our birth circumstance will allow and future rebirth – depends on being able to receive the blessing and guidance of the ancestors. Feng Shui thus becomes a path of infinite possibility and a doorway to higher experience.

Steps toward living a more peaceful life

House of Li takes its name from the ancestral tradition of Li that guides us towards a higher path. This path is one where we may experience being at one in infinite love. In order to take this path you must first you must acknowledge the power of the ancestors and thank them for the gift of life.

When you thank your ancestors you may also announce your intentions. Bear in mind that you can’t ask your ancestors for material reward – you can only ask for their support and guidance. However they also have a special role in bringing love together. It is a good idea to light some incense as this will make it easier for your wish to be heard. You can leave an offering too – some flowers, fruit or even a photograph. Please remember to take care if lighting incense and do not leave anything burning unattended.

It shouldn’t matter if you believe or do not believe in a god. And it certainly doesn’t matter if you cannot feel or hear the presence of your ancestors. But know that if you open your heart and your intentions are pure, then they will be there. These steps will help you live a more peaceful life.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,