My Top Four Tips for Getting Started with Feng Shui Today

My Top Four Feng Shui Tips

These are my top four tips for getting started with Feng Shui today. There is a mountain of theory behind each one of these and, if you like the long read you will enjoy the book I’m writing!

Tip #1 Always create a good entrance!

The front entrance is the most important feature of the home. This is because the entrance to our home has the power to create an indelible energetic image, not unlike our first encounter with a stranger. The top tip for creating a strong entrance is to keep the doorway clear. And remember to take off your shoes.

Tip #2 Put the seat down.

It’s true – there’s a good reason why this tip appears on nearly every Feng Shui tips list! You just can’t sustain positive energy in the home if dirty energy is leaking from the toilet. Or even worse – if good energy is escaping down it! Keep the door shut too, especially if the toilet is anywhere near the front entrance.

Tip #3 Make an offering to your ancestors.

In your heart first, thank your ancestors for the gift of life. The Li tradition focuses on bringing the power of ancestral energy into your life and this begins with this simple act of acknowledgement. If you always take sensible precaution around lighted objects, then consider burning some incense to help the ancestors hear your prayers.

Tip #4 Greens are only for smoothies!

We all love nature but if you want to bring it indoors, just use cut flowers. The energy of nature is not the same as the energy of the person, so the two are not compatible. This is great news for anyone who has ever accidentally kicked over a pot plant or forgotten the watering. Throw out flowers at the first sign of wilting and please, don’t forget to eat your greens!

Didn’t you forget something?

OK, you got me – I didn’t mention clutter. The practice of Feng Shui has a strong common sense aspect – so if it’s a trip hazard, then pick it up.

If your stuff (quantity, quality, organisation) is the way you want it, then it’s not a problem. It only becomes a problem if you feel it is weighing you down. And not everyone feels the need to live in an IKEA showroom, indeed for many people a state of organised chaos resonates perfectly with a particular creative process. Artist studios are are great examples of this – perhaps you’ve seen the replica of the Francis Bacon studio in Dublin or Margaret Olley’s paintings of her own creative space?

You be the judge: if you know your heart sings when the kitchen surfaces sparkle and the wardrobe is neatly KonMaried, then make it so. But if your heart sings because you feel at peace, then don’t worry about the tidy-up. Feng Shui is about so much more….

Wishing you Health and Happiness,