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Feng Shui Insider’s Secrets

In 2015 I moved with my three children into a tiny inner city apartment. It’s so small my kids think the living areas in the IKEA showroom are huge. Nearly a year later I am still getting rid of stuff I don’t have room for in my life. But it works. Part of the reason for it working is the intention I bring to the space, but mostly it works because I know the Feng Shui Insider’s Secrets.

1. Floorplan is King, or should that be Queen?

My home (the one that baffles friends and family alike) was selected on floor plan alone. The reason for this was that I wanted to actively draw missing energies into my life. For this reason I made sure that I was moving into a home with a square footprint. This is because the ideal footprint of a home is a square (or rectangle). The picture I have in my head is of a happy monk in a square temple. But, as everybody knows, this is not a realistic model because monks don’t appear to have mortgages, small children or lego to step on in the middle of the night.

But if you did have a choice – a completely blank canvas – then yes, absolutely buy or build a square home – or at least a home with no ‘missing’ corners. (We say a house is ‘missing’ corners if there are empty spaces when you superimpose an image of a square).

feng shui insider's secrets

Floorplan of my home

The reason a square footprint is preferred is because the energy of the universe circulates through a building in a defined manner. It enters through the door, is pulled powerfully away from the entrance and then performs a circuit in a spiral direction. (It looks like a spiral in 2D but you need to consider that it loops continually in 3D). This energy loop is a pattern found not just in our houses but also in our bodies. By logical extension, it is repeated at microscopic and macrosopic levels infinitely.

2. The entrance is most important

The reason the entrance is the most important aspect of a home is because the entrance determines the way in which the energy comes in before it is powerfully drawn down and held within. So, if you are lucky enough to have a blank canvas to work off, then first make sure your house is square and then that its entrance evenly divides the block. If you tick these boxes then there is a better chance that the energy can circulate evenly within. And for those interested in the correlation between the home and the body, the entrance is the mouth.

If you do have a choice, then put bedrooms away from the entrance, at the back of the house. This is where the energy is drawn down into the house and secured for future use. It is the energy that drives all life activity, securing children, activating wealth. No prizes for guessing the corresponding location on the body.

What to do if your home is not square

If your home is not square then all is not lost. Remember, the monk is an ideal, not a prescription. What follows are the simple steps that you can take to compensate.

Just once a year – today is good –  invite the energy of Li to come into your home. You burn some incense and say ‘May the ancestral energy of Li protect this home and all who are in it’.

And that’s pretty much it. You do it once a year, for yourself. Each willing adult in the home should do this for themselves because, as in the earth world, you cannot take responsibility for someone else. It’s not important for everyone in the house to be on board with this – let them have their own journey.

My intention is to make available a particular incense blend for this purpose, but really any incense will do. And please remember to always take care with lighted objects.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,