Flower essences

Introduction to flower essences

As was explained to me by my spiritual Masters, flower essences were a gift to man in a world made strange by strangled belief. This gift was delivered in the hope that man would see and hear and feel once more. The bearer of this gift was Dr. Edward Bach.

I am told that the understanding around flower essences is not correct. Flower essences do not change the body or the parts of the body that man cannot see, instead flower essences act as a doorway to another dimension. This doorway and the path that leads you there is the ancestral path of Li.

Flower essences work by activating the path that is Li. Li is described as the path that leads past death and from birth to birth. Flower essences connect with the soul of man for the soul of man is one with the universe. One path, one love, Li.

The reason that flower essences have been made known to me is that essences strengthen Feng Shui. Both Feng Shui and flower essences open up the door to the path of life beyond this one, but the Feng Shui becomes more powerful when you do it in conjunction with essences.

How flower essences work

Now I am going to tell you how flower essences work. Obviously I don’t have proof and I am not making claims that I expect anyone to validate through scientific means. I am presenting information given to me by my spiritual Masters so that your life can be better.

These are the words I hear:

Flower essences have no power to heal and they have no power to change your body. This is because the material body that we feed and clothe is too dark, too deep to permit the essence to change it. Flower essences are only for the spiritual path.

“Flower essence is spirit of flowers, it is water combined with light to bring about lasting change. Light is the mechanism by which healing comes about and the path of light is Li. The doorway to change is ancestor worship and flower essence open this door, they make it easier to see. For light is not just your path, it is your very being. ‘Beings in Light’ extends to all form of matter on the planet. It’s just that man cannot see”.

House of Li flower essences

I have been shown two flower essence blends that are applied to points on the body described by Chinese Medicine.

We us these flower essence blends in a gentle two-step treatment through which you first release old ties and then embrace the way of light. You can read the details of our Flower Essence Treatment and, if you are in Melbourne, you can contact me for an appointment. In the fullness of time I will make these blends and the treatment protocol available to all.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,