Feng shui is not a science

Feng shui is not a science – it’s a way to bring joy to your home

Who you gonna call? I’m guessing not Ghostbusters. In fact you probably won’t call at all – you’ll google it and the answer will be a scientific one. This article is about the mistake of thinking that everything can be explained by science. Of course I’m glad that the people who build bridges and electronic networks practice good science. But this post isn’t about them, rather issues in health and healing. And specifically feng shui and flower essences.

But let’s start with psychoneuroimmunology. Psychoneuroimmunology is an extremely cool branch of science that is gracious enough to extend its purview to thinking about both mind and body. In general it looks at the role mind and body play in keeping people well. But it is so cool that it has basically become a petri dish for pseudoscience and for people who need a hook to sell books.

Plenty of books get sold on the basis that some idea has a scientific backbone. Without any real evidence, just because it feels good. If you’re still reading this then you probably know to spot a method based on pseudoscience. My top tip is to look at how well the claims made about the method stack up when assessed. In general if the reporting team weren’t high-fiving and taking selfies then the method probably shouldn’t be in the science section of the bookshop.

I’m not saying the method in question doesn’t work. And I’m definitely not saying that people shouldn’t write books and play around with ideas. I’m saying that people have a tendency to look in the wrong place when trying to find the reason for why stuff works. Because science isn’t always it.

These days feng shui is a science. As you can imagine, I find this a bit worrying. In particular I worry about the backlash when people wake up to the gigantic con of making yourself popular by saying your idea is based on science. Feng shui is not a science, or scientific or even logical. Flower essences are not science, or scientific or even logical. Flower essences do not have a measurable effect on the body and I challenge anyone to show me evidence to the contrary. Certainly this sort of evidence is not currently available on PubMed.

This is the reason why the flower essence treatment I offer is a spiritual treatment only. Details of that treatment are available here.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,