What do you mean you 'hear' things? Giving voice to an ancient tradition.

What do you mean you ‘hear’ things? Giving voice to an ancient tradition

Yes, I find it challenging it too. I am not actually supposed to be doing this at all – I am supposed to be a successful acupuncturist with a busy Melbourne city practice. Twelve months ago I had a lease on a clinic, a business plan and I was all ready to go. What happened?

Last Christmas I accepted an offer to study acupuncture with a Master in China. This was an extraordinary experience – when a Master takes you in, you become part of the household and enter into a special unwritten relationship of loyalty and trust. Basically, you don’t cheat your Master and you don’t disrespect them, even if you later come to have a different point of view. I learned so much! I had dedicated ten years to studying Chinese Medicine and I was in heaven. Blessed thanks to my translator too because my Mandarin is still scratchy!

Five days with a Master

So as the story goes, Master spent five days teaching all that was appropriate for me to know. And on the last day a patient came in with back pain. Master had shown me a few different ways to treat back pain so I was curious as to which method he would choose. He tried two methods and neither worked (you must understand that acupuncture can reliably treat back pain with just one or two needles). As you can imagine, this was quite a big deal. His next step was to perform white magic on the patient, I saw it with my own eyes. Details withheld, he asked the karma causing the pain to come back either at another time or in another lifetime. The treatment worked and the patient went away happy.

I came home and cancelled my lease. I didn’t actually have a plan B but I had seen enough to know that I knew nothing about health and healing. And for the record, I still don’t. I could not in all conscience become a registered health practitioner and pretend that what I had seen had not happened.

It was on this trip to China that I became aware that non-material aspects of people could, and would, communicate with me. That world feels a lot like this one: stuff happens. It feels at first like serendipity and then you start to wonder if there is a bigger picture.

My bigger picture

My bigger picture is that I am now a writer and not a health professional. I don’t need you to be persuaded by what I write, because that is not why I do it. I write because I am the voice of an ancient tradition of Feng Shui. I cannot help but write and I cannot help but hear.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,