How will my home come to reflect heaven?

How will my home come to reflect heaven?

In this article Naja Li shows how the ancient practice of Feng Shui is applied to create a practical roadmap for organising your home. What is written here applies to every home, regardless of your circumstance.

As you might have read elsewhere, House of Li is different to what you find in most books and on the internet. So first up, a little theory is in order. I’ll keep it short and it’ll be worth it, I promise!

How universal energy flows

You probably know how the whole point about applying Feng Shui knowledge is ensuring the free flow of universal energy. You’ll be glad to know that, when considering your home, Li Feng Shui has just two key underlying principles. The first is that the universal energy in your home flows in a defined manner. The significance of this is that every home will carry the same energetic imprint. The second principle is that universal energy flows in our body in the same defined manner as it flows through the home.

These two principles together are important for understanding the conceptual framework of Li. What this article is looking at is how we go about identifying the energy flow in your home. For by applying Feng Shui principles, you create the circumstances by which universal energy – the energy of heaven – flows freely. Finding the energetic map of your home is the first step in making your home reflect the energy of heaven.

How will my home come to reflect heaven?

In the words of the Li tradition:

Feng Shui takes you to a place of peace and harmony where your heart can be still. And in this stillness you will find time and within that time you can have all you want.

Feng Shui is a way of seeing the world with fresh eyes. For our true nature is as one in a world at peace with nature. It is this peace that Feng Shui teaches us to draw into our homes. We must visit the mountains and the streams and draw their nature into our lives. We must know the clouds and the rivers and feel them at our fingertips. This is Feng Shui – it is the wonder of nature brought into the life of man. It is the power of heaven alive in our homes.

Our homes are a whole kingdom – vast territories, sweeping plains, caves by the ocean and shells on the beach. From the great majesty of the peaks to the grasses at the shore, our homes must reflect all.

How do we do this? First we open our hearts and ask for heaven to sweep through our lives. Then we open our eyes and see what is great in our homes. Which is the mountain? Where is the plain? How will my home come to reflect heaven?

The map of your home

Every home, everywhere has the same energy map. But how do know how to find it and then how to use it?

Imagine, if you will, your home as a square – like mine, as you will know if you have read my article Feng Shui Insider’s Secrets. To start out, place yourself at the front door of your home looking inward. As you stand there, the area known as Mountain will be on the left hand side of the house, towards the back. And then opposite this – on the right hand side of the house – will be the Plain.

It’s as simple as Mountain to the left, Plain to the right. For now don’t worry if your home isn’t square, just keep in mind the concept. The picture you want to get into your head is where the energy of Mountain (left) and Plain (right) are with respect to the front door.

Please also bear in mind that this layout is for southern hemisphere only. If you live north of the equator then you need to flip the map so that Mountain is on the right. This northern / southern hemisphere difference is a yin / yang thing.

Applying the map to your home

As was told to me:

Use the chart to find the mountain and from this fixed place retreat – this is not the place for sleeping, this is the place to reflect. The water sweep from the mountain to the plain and bring with it seasons of harvest. Let this be your dwelling. Do not sleep in the plain for this is a place of great resource and endeavour. Sleep between the mountain and the plain. Heaven’s honour follow those who make their houses so, this is the rule. Feng Shui is the tool of emperors and peasants and all in between, for we all are one.

To summarise, and remember this is based on the ideal of a square home, don’t put your bedroom either in the Mountain or on the opposite side of the house in the Plain. Instead place bedrooms along the back of the house between the areas of Mountain and Plain. Mountain is the most powerful place for study or reflection, think of it as a place to accumulate wisdom. The main living area of the home (think kitchen/dining) in the Plain – in Australia this is on the right of the block. This is also a great place for a home office or for any endeavour in which you wish to accumulate reward.

The map is very simple and it can be applied to all areas of your life. Once the concept has settled you will find yourself thinking about how this theory can be applied to businesses too. Whilst floor plan is just one element of Feng Shui, you will start to notice how restaurants that seat customers on the right do better than those that seat customers on the left.

But what if my home is not square?

However all this begs the question – what do I do if my home is not square? Whilst there are undeniable benefits to a square home, the answer is that all is not lost for Li Feng Shui does not rely on floor plan. The unique contribution of Li is that it provides the opportunity for every person, regardless of circumstance, to benefit. Although I will write more on this in the future, I have written an article here that explains how you go about correcting the energy of your home.

And last but not least: the place for prayer and for making offerings to your ancestors is in an area at the back of the house, directly opposite the front door. To find out more about the role of the ancestors and how they are the key to Feng Shui, be sure to read this Introduction.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,