What does it mean when I am drawn to a flower?

What does it mean when I am drawn to a flower?

In this article Naja Li explains why flower essences are only for the spiritual path. As her spiritual Masters have made clear, if you feel drawn to a particular essence it is because your ancestors beckon and guide you to choose. All flowers are equal, all essences equal, and the reason you are drawn at that moment to a particular flower has more to do with the movement of the heavens than what is in the bottle.

An essence does not make you feel a particular way, it cannot speak to you. Just as the flower in the field has no voice, the essence has no personality.

As my guide said to me:

All flowers are created equal: it is a fallacy to say that flowers have individual properties. For all flowers hold within themselves the potential for spiritual rebirth and all flowers hold that same potential.

To take a flower’s water is to embrace the light that their waters hold. To take this light opens the door to greater potential. This door takes man beyond what he can see, it is the birth that follows death, it is time eternal.

I asked my guide what can you do when drawn to a flower essence?

Embrace your soul and thank your ancestors for the gift of life. Ask them to show you the way. Listen, be patient, and be open to hear for their love for you goes beyond time itself.

Flower essences are only for the spiritual path

This potential for spiritual rebirth is the only property of flower essences, for flower essences cannot change the body (or even parts of the body that man cannot see such as the astral/etheric etc. body).  The reason they cannot change the body is that the material body is too dark, too deep to permit the essence to change it.

Flower essences act only as a doorway to another dimension. I am told however that essences carry different properties related to the spiritual path. In particular,

Rose is special for lovers because it opens up the path that is Li. It is not the perfume of the rose for often the strongest of these roses has no scent (such as the dog rose or the rose of simple varieties such as are found in hedgerows). 

The power of rose is such that two lovers may be joined in one moment when the other smells the rose. This works only when you take the living flower and hold it in your hand. The imprint of the flower (such as a flower essence) does not have this effect.

No other flower can make this happen it is like a strange musical note a siren song that encircles the hearts of two who belong together. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article. The knowledge written here is obtained through the gift of clairaudience and does not come from books. It is written so that you may enrich your understanding of the spiritual journey and come to have peace in your heart.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,