How your heart corrects the energy of your home

How your heart corrects the energy of your home

In this article Naja Li explains how your how your heart corrects the energy of your home. Whilst other Feng Shui styles recommend the use of ‘cures’ such as wind chimes, mirrors and so-called lucky objects to ensure the smooth flow of energy, in Li Feng Shui your heart is the ‘cure’.

The happy monk

You may remember the picture of a happy monk in a square temple from my article Feng Shui Insider’s Secrets. There I explain why a square footprint is the ideal floor plan for your home. However it is necessary to emphasise that this is just an ideal and not a prescription. If you are lucky enough to have the resources to recreate this ideal then you will feel the benefits, but it is not essential.

The reason it is not essential is because your heart has the potential to correct the flow of universal energy in your home. This is possible because of the way universal energy moves through our lives. According to Li Feng Shui, universal energy moves in the same way through both your body and your home. And by opening our heart to the path of infinite love, the path of Li, universal energy flows as it should in your body. The correct flow of of universal energy in your heart is powerful enough to correct the energy of your home. In this way your heart becomes the ‘cure’.

How to correct the energy of your home

The first step is to acknowledge the limitations of human existence and I have written about this here. The second step is to open your heart to the power of the ancestors for they have the power to set you on the path that is Li, the path of infinite love.

To do this light some incense and invite the energy of Li into your life. All that is required to invite the power of the ancestors into your heart is to say ‘May the ancestral energy of Li protect this home and all who are in it’. You can repeat this at regular intervals – I do it daily. My intention is to make available a particular incense blend for this purpose, but really any incense will do. And please remember to always take care with lighted objects.

Each willing adult in the home should do this for themselves because in the spiritual world, as on earth, you cannot take responsibility for someone else. It’s not important for everyone in the house to be on board with this – let each have their own journey.

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