So Do You Actually Talk to Trees? 

Naja Li’s Guide to Talking to Trees

Naja Li uses the gift of clairaudience to bring you her Guide to Talking to Trees – a unique understanding of Feng Shui and its connection to nature, including a special part played by trees. This understanding of Feng Shui comes from a time when approaches to health and sickness, living and dying were one. This is the first in a series of three short ebooks, all of which are free and available to download here.

Talking to Trees is composed almost entirely of Feng Shui teachings reproduced ‘as heard’. The teachings in the first part of the book are relatively recent, being approximately 2000 years old. The second part of the book is composed of teachings from a much older tradition from which Li Feng Shui emerged. All the teachings in this book relate to one key statement:

‘Feng Shui is for death benefit, not life benefit. The blessings of life depend on rebirth and not on material possession. The truth of life is death, for beyond death’s grasp lies a passage to light. Being as one with light is man’s only task’

Excerpt from the Introduction

It is my understanding that the teachings of Li, and general knowledge of Feng Shui as a philosophical platform for living and dying, have not otherwise survived. This book is intended only as a short introduction to a much bigger inquiry, the details of which I hope to bring you once I refine my understanding. Along the way I will provide further material, including explanatory articles, which I hope will shed light on some of the themes.

This short book has just five chapters. The first of these is my commission from the first Master of the House of Li. This is relatively easy to follow and contains a clear presentation of the Li tradition of Feng Shui. The second chapter is specific to the Li tradition and contains practical information for using Li in everyday life. In brief, Li is a tradition that places central importance on the path of the ancestors. This path, also known as Li, is the path of infinite love. According to the tradition, this is the means by which we are guided to fulfil our spiritual destiny.

The third chapter is an explanation of spiritual healing and describes the relationship between birth, death and Karma. It also introduces the reader to the concept of True Healing, the kind of healing that can be achieved on earth. The material of the fourth chapter is dense and poetic, and eloquently describes a relationship between spiritual healing and nature.

The fifth and final chapter is a poetic witness to the relationship between True Healing and nature. As I hear the song of the trees in much the same way as I hear my Feng Shui Masters, these twelve poems bear witness to the possibilities that lie within everyday encounters with nature.

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This book is dedicated to my parents and I also thank all those people who have been so generous with their support and encouragement. It is an honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to bring you this material and I really hope you enjoy reading it.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,


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