So Do You Actually Talk to Trees? 

So do you actually Talk to Trees? 

The title of my book is Talking to Trees but what does this mean? Do I actually talk to them? Hell no, that would be insane! But possibly you will consider the following explanation far worse. For although I don’t actually talk to trees, I do use their presence to access another level of reality.

This reality is a realm of light that exists beyond time. The reason trees provide me with a heightened response is that they are part of this realm and it is this aspect of the world I then ‘hear’. I’m thinking of this is as a sort of ‘psychic sonar’ (yes, I’m bats).

These trees are not ‘people’ or ‘individuals’ – they are expressions of the nature of the universe at a particular place at a particular point in time. This understanding of the great unfolding of the universe is often described as the holographic nature of being. I have written about this unfolding here.

Love actually is all around

My experience is that we live in a binary universe. The side we experience in day-to-day life is bounded by time. Beyond this exists a realm of light alone where time does not exist, and it is through this realm that we are all connected.

This light (which is love) is actually, as in the movie, ‘all around’. It is just separated from our direct experience by time. And this light is not just ‘out there’: it is also lives within each of us. It is the spark that provides the initial force for life, it is what we carry within and it is that which departs our body on death.

This light is something that everybody carries with them and it may be added to through arts dedicated to the cultivation of light within. These arts – such as Tai Qi and Qi Gong – do not create light, but they can make light shine brighter.

 We all are one

This idea of a realm of light alone through which we are all connected is not really so strange. Remember all those times you’ve felt the presence of a stranger but been alone? Or the times you knew your kid was in distress even though they were hundreds of miles away? Or the identical twins separated at birth who marry partners with the same name and own the same breed of dog? It’s easy to dismiss psychics etc. as charlatans (indeed I’ve met a few), but strangely enough, some of life is strange enough to warrant a second look.

The reason I write about the love that exists beyond time is so that you can discover how it is that we are all connected. And this is why I’m asking you to share this post with someone you love. That someone may be a person who develops their light through interior arts such as Tai Qi or Qi Gong. It may be someone who loves nature, or someone who seeks a gentler path but is offended by religion. Or maybe that someone is a friend who is always looking for answers that don’t seem to be there.

It doesn’t matter who you decide on – just share. Because although we can’t change our world, by helping others understand how we all are one you can change their experience of it.

Wishing you Health and Happiness,


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