Your Incense and Space Clearing Questions Answered

1. Why did you publish the incense recipes?

Yes, these incense blends are the intellectual property of the Li tradition – and so are the reasons for their composition – but I published them so that you can use this knowledge to your advantage. I had originally intended to supply readers with a range of esoteric incense but time and place are not right. In the future I will use these blends in my healing centre but until then…it’s over to you.

2. Why do I need to do space clearing?

The book explains this – it’s because the non-material presence of the ‘hangers-on’ (not your ancestors) can dim your light. This light is the bit that gets more powerful when you do practices such as Tai Qi and Qi Gong and it is what you need to develop to ensure a good death. Making your light shine brighter should be the aim of your life – that way you get to be reunited in death with the ones you love. For information on death read Naja Li’s Guide to Dying.

3. Why do I need to connect with my ancestors?

They help you in ways you cannot see: by directing your light to benefit you (this is in the book, maybe also re-read Naja Li’s Guide to Talking to Trees).

3. How do you know all this stuff?

All of my published work – including most of what’s on Instagram – is obtained through the gift of clairaudience. For better or worse I don’t have a guru or a teacher – so I don’t really know how this all sounds to you or where it fits in with how you understand the world. I just know that it is a very ancient Feng Shui tradition whose chief concern was the task of reuniting people with their loved ones beyond death.

4. You say that Li is not the real name of the tradition – how so?

When I started writing I needed to change my name to 6 letters (it’s a Feng Shui thing – see my second book). And the power of the ancestors which provides so much of the inspiration of this Feng Shui tradition can be represented by the energy of the trigram Li. So I put the two things together, changed my name and coined the term ‘Li Feng Shui’. I have a pretty good idea that the tradition died out 3,200 years ago and a fair grasp of how it sits in relation to Daoism. I don’t consider these details to be very important but that’s mostly because I’m not trying to start a religion. If I was, I’d be telling you all the historical aspects I could get my ears around!

4. Your books are a pain in the neck to read – can’t you write something more straightforward?

Yes, I will. I promise. In the meantime, be grateful that I write exactly what I hear – without editing and without the overlay of my personality.

5. How come it’s free?

I have been told in no uncertain terms not to benefit financially from my work. In the future I will set up a foundation which will support a healing centre or a hospital. Under these circumstances it is permissible for money to change hands. Until then it’s all free. Enjoy!

6. So you’re taking a break?

Yes – my body has changed and I need time out for repair. I don’t understand what it means to have a new light body, but I know that this is what is happening to me. I know that I need a lot of rest in order to develop my heart/love/light and from this I will benefit further. See you on the other side!

Wishing you Health and Happiness,


Naja Li’s Guide to Incense and Space Clearing is the fifth in a series of Guides to Feng Shui, available as free downloads from Smashwords.

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