Letters from the Dying

I cannot explain my ability to encounter the non-material aspects of the world. Over the course of the last year I have paid more attention to this ability, and made myself available for whatever was required. Although I no longer record every contact, in May 2016 it was my practice to write down everything. It was never my intention to publish these letters, but recently it has been indicated that this is what I must do. read more

Not my circus, not my monkeys

‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’ is a Polish proverb that indicates an unwillingness to be involved in someone else’s problems. It has been used here to illustrate how failing to engage with the problem leads to an inability to create sustainable solutions. read more


I was at the Hockney and kept on getting distracted. I was trying to focus on the quality, the colour, the powerful freedom of expression that he makes you believe is effortless. But this was just not what I saw. A bit like a stain on your dress – once seen, its image is hard to shake off. read more

What is the point of Feng Shui and why were ancient Masters so revered?

Although I have explained the origin of Feng Shui and how it got its name, this does not even come close to explaining why we need it. What is the point of Feng Shui and why would Feng Shui Masters have been so revered? And was there a problem that their observations solved? read more

The origin of Feng Shui and how it got its name

As you may have gathered, the Feng Shui I write about is not the potentially lucrative kind where you need to buy a book every year to figure out your fortune. And, for better or worse, it’s not the kind of Feng Shui that tells you to buy another piece of jade so your qi can run smooth. Instead, I write about the Feng Shui that has no price. read more

What does it mean when I am drawn to a flower?

In this article Naja Li explains why flower essences are only for the spiritual path. As her spiritual Masters have made clear, if you feel drawn to a particular essence it is because your ancestors beckon and guide you to choose. All flowers are equal, all essences equal, and the reason you are drawn at that moment to a particular flower has more to do with the movement of the heavens than what is in the bottle. read more

Raising the dead and returning life – what can we learn from the Qing?

Before becoming a writer, I studied Chinese Medicine and this post is inspired by issues common to health practitioners and healers. It’s also a review of a book called Raising the Dead and Returning Life – Emergency Medicine of the Qing Dynasty by Bao Xiang’ao. read more

Introduction to flower essences

As was explained to me by my spiritual Masters, flower essences were a gift to man in a world made strange by strangled belief. This gift was delivered in the hope that man would see and hear and feel once more. The bearer of this gift was Dr. Edward Bach. read more

Notes on Lee Mingwei

And then I was given a flower. In the moment of receiving the flower I wondered what circle of action had been completed and which one was beginning. And whilst still wondering, I watched the architect of the gift, Lee Mingwei – a true master, speak of its possibilities. read more