Naja Li’s Guide to Talking to Trees

Naja Li uses the gift of clairaudience to bring you her Guide to Talking to Trees – a unique understanding of Feng Shui and its connection to nature, including a special part played by trees. This understanding of Feng Shui comes from a time when approaches to health and sickness, living and dying were one. This is the first in a series of three short ebooks, all of which are free and available to download here. read more

Why green is never going to fly – Feng Shui colours for business success

In this article Naja Li explains essential Feng Shui colour theory. Learn how the same theory is applied to both home and business – and why green is never going to fly for business success. Find out how colour connects you with your customers and which colours are best for driving sales. read more

Feng shui is not a science – it’s a way to bring joy to your home

Who you gonna call? I’m guessing not Ghostbusters. In fact you probably won’t call at all – you’ll google it and the answer will be a scientific one. This article is about the mistake of thinking that everything can be explained by science. Of course I’m glad that the people who build bridges and electronic networks practice good science. But this post isn’t about them, rather issues in health and healing. And specifically feng shui and flower essences. read more