How your heart corrects the energy of your home

In this article Naja Li explains how your how your heart corrects the energy of your home. Whilst other Feng Shui styles recommend the use of ‘cures’ such as wind chimes, mirrors and so-called lucky objects to ensure the smooth flow of energy, in Li Feng Shui your heart is the ‘cure’. read more

How House of Li differs

House of Li offers a unique view of the possibilities of Feng Shui, different to that found in most books and on the internet. This article explains some of the key points of difference between Li and other styles. read more

My Top Four Feng Shui Tips

These are my top four tips for getting started with Feng Shui today. There is a mountain of theory behind each one of these and, if you like the long read you will enjoy the book I’m writing! read more

Introduction to Feng Shui – steps toward living a more peaceful life

In this introduction to Feng Shui, Naja Li explains the steps toward living a more peaceful life. Discover why your home is an extension of yourself and what this means for the way you live. Learn how your heart is the key to Feng Shui and how Feng Shui is a tool for everyone. read more