Why do I do what I do? Naja Li explains

Why do I do what I do? When I was at the David Hockney exhibition I asked myself why, if you had all this talent, would you do this? And now it occurs to me that people ask the same of me. So I thought would write about why I do what I do. read more

What do you mean you ‘hear’ things? Giving voice to an ancient tradition

Yes, I find it challenging it too. I am not actually supposed to be doing this at all – I am supposed to be a successful acupuncturist with a busy Melbourne city practice. Twelve months ago I had a lease on a clinic, a business plan and I was all ready to go. What happened? read more

Archie Roach sang to me

Melbourne Museum features high on our list of things to do in the city and recently I was drawn to the Koorie Voices exhibition in the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre. I’ve been to Bunjilaka before but on previous visits I had missed out on meeting Archie Roach. Yes, there in the flesh – singing to me. OK it’s a video but this is Archie Roach we’re talking about and it feels like he is sitting in front of you. Singing. Old. Mission. Road. read more

Interview with Siôn Hughes

I think this may have been Siôn Hughes’ first interview, which is good because it was my first one too. It went pretty well, I think, but mostly because interviewing someone who is intelligent, articulate and obviously good at what they do is not exactly hard work. read more