Why do I do what I do? Naja Li explains

Why do I do what I do? When I was at the David Hockney exhibition I asked myself why, if you had all this talent, would you do this? And now it occurs to me that people ask the same of me. So I thought would write about why I do what I do. read more

How your heart corrects the energy of your home

In this article Naja Li explains how your how your heart corrects the energy of your home. Whilst other Feng Shui styles recommend the use of ‘cures’ such as wind chimes, mirrors and so-called lucky objects to ensure the smooth flow of energy, in Li Feng Shui your heart is the ‘cure’. read more

What does it mean when I am drawn to a flower?

In this article Naja Li explains why flower essences are only for the spiritual path. As her spiritual Masters have made clear, if you feel drawn to a particular essence it is because your ancestors beckon and guide you to choose. All flowers are equal, all essences equal, and the reason you are drawn at that moment to a particular flower has more to do with the movement of the heavens than what is in the bottle. read more

What do you mean you ‘hear’ things? Giving voice to an ancient tradition

Yes, I find it challenging it too. I am not actually supposed to be doing this at all – I am supposed to be a successful acupuncturist with a busy Melbourne city practice. Twelve months ago I had a lease on a clinic, a business plan and I was all ready to go. What happened? read more

Introduction to flower essences

As was explained to me by my spiritual Masters, flower essences were a gift to man in a world made strange by strangled belief. This gift was delivered in the hope that man would see and hear and feel once more. The bearer of this gift was Dr. Edward Bach. read more